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Automobile Categories

We accept registration of ALL vehicles regardless of style or condition, from antiques to contemporaries FOR NO CHARGE!. 
Please register your vehicle with us regardless of where you are in Southern California. We work with production companies around the country and around the world.
You might get to see your vehicle in the movies!

What we require to register are photos of your vehicle as shown here:
(you can click on an image to enlarge it)

Front ¾      Rear ¾
Int Dash      Int Rear
On a seperate piece of paper, we also need your Name, Address, Telephone numbers (Home, Work, Cell/Pager, Fax) and eMail address, Year, Make and Model of your vehicle.
PLEASE do not write anything on the back of the photos.

There are three different ways that you can register:

Register Online: Email HIGH QUALITY scanned images of your vehicle(s) and the above information to hpccars@gmail.com
Size of the files doesn't matter since we've got high-speed access to the internet. Optimally, they should be scanned at 300dpi, then reduced to 4" x 6", 72dpi. Please include, in a seperate text or Word file, your name, address, etc, as outlined above, or the pictures may get misfiled.

Phone: 323-466-2277